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Poll results
Thank you to everyone that voted in the poll for what YOU want to see on a site like this. I will work on implementing the most popular items as quickly as possible.

Here are the results from the poll of what you want to see on the site:

22% of you want a directory of TV shows
17% of you want listings of when shows will air
13% of you want polls
12% of you want news (like Slashdot)
10% of you want message boards (like phpbb)
7% of you want member blogs
7% of you want chat
6% of you want member profiles
6% of you want classifieds
4% of you wanted other things some of which included

  • book & movie reviews

  • Scripts. Episode summaries. Episode screenshots. Episode ranking system

  • Calendar of events of SiFi things happening in the area

  • downloads of theme waves, midis, desktop wallpapers, windows themes, maybe even theme videos

  • Sci Fi movies on TV in the listings

  • newest scienific investigation on outer spaces, UFOs, etc..... TV serial specials...etc...

We're not the Sci Fi Channel
There seems to be some confusion among the users out there. This site is NOT affiliated with the Sci Fi Channel in any way. They do not listen to me any more than any one else out there. SciFiTVFans.com is meant to be a general umbrella for all manner of Science Fiction Televison programming, not just what is on the Sci Fi Channel. I can't help you get your favorite show back on the air, or tell you when a movie will be on, or do anything about the commercials on the Sci Fi Channel.

The best way to get in touch with SciFi.com is to go to their feedback page:

Please direct your inquiries there. Thanks.

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